3 Effective Ways To Keep Heating Costs Down.

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3 Effective Ways To Keep Heating Costs Down.



Winter Is Coming!

The winter is coming closer and closer by the minute. It almost seems like it was yesterday when we had that gorgeous weather, but those days are certainly gone, as the cold temperatures are slowly extending their thin fingers and making their way into our homes. More often than not, the true cold shiver comes when we see those energy bills that seem just scandalous over the wintertime! But we can do a few things to save energy and still keep our houses warm. Here’s how.

  1. Just a few degrees: Dimming down the temperature on your heater just a few degrees, will not affect the overall temperature of the rooms in your house. So why not taking it down from 140 to 120, this way your boiler will not need to be working as hard and therefore you will be saving that extra energy and money in bills, and maybe even unnecessary Boiler repairs.
  2. Check out the upgrades: Keeping your thermostats up to date is quite beneficial. There have been many studies that have proven that state of the art thermostats can save you up to 10% on your heating bills, and they are not as expensive as you may think, you can find them from only $25. However, if you’re really interested in saving money and energy, why don’t your try an intelligent thermostat like Nest? These thermostats learn your lifestyle, how you like to sleep at night, how warm or hot you want your house to be when you arrive, or even your daily schedule and, on top of all that cool stuff, they can save you up to 12% on your heating bills and 15% on your cooling bills. Granted, those $249 may hurt at first but you’ll see the benefits in the long run.
  3. Here comes the sun: Keeping your drapes open and your windows closed tightly can naturally heat your house while you’re away, thus reducing your need to use you heating system and therefore cutting back on your heating bills. This is the most ecological and cheap way to keep your house warm.

As always, consult the heating professionals  at C.W. Schultz & son whether you are trying to save money this winter or need heating repairs.


photo credit: donbuciak Paper via photopin (license)