Keeping Your Home Safe Throughout Winter

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Keeping Your Home Safe Throughout Winter

You know that little chilling breeze that is felt throughout the day? Well, I don’t mean to alarm you but in a few days that chilling breeze will probably turn into a freezing wind, as the winter waits for no one. Houses and people have to endure some preventive nuisances every winter to avoid getting sick. Some of them may not be pretty but they are far better than a nasty cold, in the case of people, or a broken pipe, in the case of houses.

So, after you have taken care of yourself then maybe you can lend your home a hand by using these 7 simple maintenance tips.

  1. Keep those gutters clear: Having a backyard surrounded by trees is stunning during the fall, but those kinds of perks come with sacrifice. Your gutters need to be cleared of those leaves as they may obstruct them. Having cluttered gutters can result in water accumulation and over the winter that water can freeze resulting in damaging cracks and dangerous ice cycles.
  2. Watch those external pipes: Wrapping your external pipes with insulation can help to prevent them from freezing. So have your plumbing professionals at C.W. Schultz and Son look at them and evaluate the situation before it’s too late.
  3. Seal those windows: If you live in an old house with dated windows, be sure to replace any screens with storm windows to add a second barrier to the inside. Also, consider adding weather-stripping around your windows’ edges. This will keep heat in and cold out.
  4. Check your HVAC: Make sure your HVAC is running in tip-top shape. With temperatures dropping the last thing you want is a failing HVAC. Book an appointment with your Professional heating supplier to ensure your HVAC is running properly and the ducts are clear.
  5. Internal pipes can freeze too: Winter’s reach can be longer than you imagine. Protect your internal pipes by opening the cabinet doors under your sinks, when your thermostat reaches single digits readings, so that warmer air is allowed in. If you plan on leaving the home for prolonged periods, or temperatures are dangerously low, leave the faucet drip over night. This small drip can prevent the pipes from freezing. In the event that a pipe does burst, call C.W. Schultz and Son for emergency plumbing
  6. Keep that chimney clean: Chimneys can be amazing commodities but they need to be properly cleaned before using them otherwise problems can ensue. Have a professional inspect them and clean them thoroughly, if necessary, to avoid any flow obstructions.
  7. Trim your trees: Winter months can bring freezing rain and heavy snowfall. This wintery mix and spell disaster for your home if it sits next to any large trees or overlaying branches. With the added weight, branches can break off causing extensive damage to your home and roof. Make sure all your branches are properly trimmed and maintained before the snow hits!