How Often Should I Change The Air Filters In My Home?

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How Often Should I Change The Air Filters In My Home?

We all know how important clean air is for your health. Many people think this means you just need to get out to nature and the rural countryside every now and again.

Whilst this is all well and good, you also have to make sure that the air you’re breathing at home is as clean and free from pollutants as it can possibly be. If you have a HVAC system, this means making sure you change the air filter regularly not just to keep the air you breathe clean, but also to keep your system running efficiently.

But just how regularly should you be changing your air filters? Well, generally speaking, you should change your air filter every two to three months, but you may find that you have to change your filter more or less frequently depending upon your home.


Variables in your home that will have an impact on how often you have to change your air filter include:


If you have one or more pets running about your home, especially the type that produce and shed a large amount of dander, then it is a safe bet that you will have to replace your air filter more frequently. This is because the fur and dander makes its way to into your HVAC system and clogs up your air filter.



If there are any people living in your home who are smokers, and especially if these people smoke inside the house, you will want to make sure you change your filter frequently. This is so you can make sure as many of the pollutants in cigarette smoke are removed from the air in your home as possible.


Outside Environment

Depending on where you live, the overall air quality of the environment surrounding your home may be low enough that it will have an impact on how often you have to change your air filter.

If, for example, you live in a busy urban city centre, or an industrial area with a lot of factories nearby, the pollutants from outdoors will find their way into your home. So you’ll have to change your filter more often to stop these pollutants from clogging up your HVAC system or making their way into the air you breathe.


Health Issues

If any of the people in your home suffer from respiratory issues or allergies, then switching out the air filter more often will ensure that there are as few pollutants in the air as possible, which will hopefully help alleviate their systems.



Consider changing your filter type

If you find that you find yourself having to swap out your filter much more frequently than is recommended, you may need to upgrade your filter to one with a higher MERV rating. Basically, the higher the MERV rating, the more efficiently air impurities are removed from the air.

For example, pet owners should use a filter with a MERV rating of 8 or higher, as these are recommended as being strong enough to deal with dander and fur regularly.